Top Emerging Technology Trends in 2021


Top Emerging Technology Trends in 2021

Ville Sointu, Head of Emerging Technology at Nordea, provides his 2021 predictions for the direction of central bank digital currencies, the evolution of API-driven open banking strategies, and the changing role of retail banks in digital commerce.

Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends

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Top 7 Technology Trends in 2021

Let us take a look at technology trends in 2021.

Most of the technology trends are a result of COVID-19, the disruption it caused, and the accelerated digital transformation that followed.

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Top 5 emerging technology trends in 2021

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Here are the top 5 emerging technology trends in 2021 for you to immerse in. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the mentions.This video could enable you to further understand emerging markets and help make better career development decisions.

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