Strong Customer Authentication: Opening the door to new end user experiences


Strong Customer Authentication: Opening the door to new end user experiences

Fabien Ignaccolo, CEO, OKAY, speaks about the European payments industry's shift to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and the role user experience plays in its success, what to expect from UK issuers when SCA for e-commerce becomes a requirement in September and the demand for SCA outside of Europe.

Going Beyond Strong Customer Authentication to Protect Customers

Alleviate the burdens of SCA, remove friction and make the most out of these exemptions as directed by PSD2 with the ACI Fraud Management solution.

Webinar Strong Customer Authentication & 3DS 2.0

CloudCard+™ – Strong Customer Authentication

Your banking operations have never been so fast, safe and convenient. With IDEMIA’s solution CloudCard+, you can access your account, add a new beneficiary, digitally sign a contract or shop online with confidence. CloudCard+™ is an innovative authentication method, relying on up to three authentication factors: smartphone (possession), biometrics (inherence), and PIN code (knowledge). Our solutions are compliant with the European Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) requirements for Strong Customer Authentication.

How to turn a $95 card into 4 ocean cruises | Ep191 | 2-25-23

A $95 credit card could currently get you 4 (or more!) ocean cruises. This week, we talk about how to set the process in motion and why it could be a great deal.

00:00 Intro

00:50 Giant Mailbag

03:05 Card Talk

11:52 Mattress running the numbers & What crazy thing….did Hyatt do this week?

19:33 Greg almost books Qantas First Class

22:10 Main Event: How to turn a $95 card into four ocean cruises

57:44 Question of the Week: Pop quiz — which chains offer compensation when you get walked?

Music credit: Annie Yoder