Writing about Life Abroad with Max…


Hey my friends.  Here’s a link to the article that I wrote about my child’s food allergies.  The Mighty picked it up (I write about Max’s allergies at www.allergymax.org).

I hope you’ll enjoy the read.  Click here to access it:  https://themighty.com/2017/02/managing-child-food-allergies-abroad/

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When your husband says too much

My husband just arrived home from Taiwan.  I tried to look cute for his arrival.  I won’t say as cute as possible, because by the time I got my daughter out the door to school, let the dogs out, took care of the morning coal furnace, took a quick shower, and dressed/fed/watered two toddlers, I was already running behind for my hour journey to the airport.  I did my makeup in the car and actually went without coffee because I didn’t even have time for that.  No, the world did not end—in case you were wondering.  I suppose I can live without coffee if I must 😉

And we reach the airport a tad late.  No one’s upset. All happy.  Then we head home.

So exciting.  Lots of cuddling and chatting on the couch.

Then out come the fun selfies.  Yes.  I take selfies.

We, being the parents, were being silly.  Goofy selfies left and right.  Then we did what most do—we scrolled through the results.  That’s when my newly returned husband went from being my sweetheart to my nemesis, for this is the selfie, and then I’ll share what he said…

“Oh my!   How many chins do you have there???”

Really, Richard?  Really?

Needless to say, I have one husband for sale.

Any takers?

I am a SAHM.  I should get used to it.

I am a working mom—yet find myself home nearly every day with my kids.  And it’s glorious but not glamorous.

I had a lot of fun one day documenting segments of my day with my kids.

Here is my glorious but definitely not glamorous life.

Get popcorn!


What you do for your children’s critters!

Is Cami finally happy 😉 ?  Nah.

Two kittens found their way into our basement.  The kids were thrilled!

Seriously—my bald baby has no idea how disgustingly dirty our basement floor actually is.  Gag!

If I wasn’t already the overly tired nearly 40 yr old mother of toddlers—I would have more energy for this 😉

Yes…to reiterate—I am wearing clothes.  Just meant I couldn’t head outside because was too chilly for my basketball shorts, tank top, and flip flops 😉

I actually filmed so many more but they refused to download.  Perhaps it was an electronic rebellion,eh?!

God bless—and kiss those crazy babies.  Glamorous or glorious—all moments are treasures.

Xo b

The Me Generation?

I think any kid in any generation could be the “Me” kid.  But this fast-paced world makes it seem as if it’s really that generation of children we’re seeing raised and raising.

But I disagree.  In any generation the Me kid could be raised.  All it takes is:

1.  Lack of attention

2.  Lack of discipline (no—I’m not speaking of the rod)

3.  Lack of “No”

I will not say Lack of Love—because I don’t necessarily think that’s true…

But if we take the time to teach our children that there is great joy in giving and serving others—-that Generation Me becomes the beautiful Generation We.

We are the world…

We are the children.  

We are the ones to make a brighter day—so let’s start giving!

I sang this as a child—the same age my daughter is today–and I pray that as she goes through each day of her life, she remembers that it truly is all about giving!


Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.   1 Peter 4:10

“What Does The Fox Say?” Daddy be CRAZY!!!!


Okay—so, if you, my And 2 Makes Crazy Readers, don’t realize something, it’s that we live in a beautiful but very little farming village in the country of Poland.

Right now, our house is massively undergoing some awesome construction where we are putting in a gate (woot-woot) and some pavers (because cement on wet land does not bode well) and some other cosmetic outside stuff.

WHICH MEANS…our dogs are by and large locked up for long portions of every day.  And it also means I have to take them on long walks.

We have (the field that immediately borders our property) wheat going.  Then there is the other field.  The beautiful field that is for sale by owner—yet no one seems to buy.  So, my dogs and I go and romp around that field (the dogs romp—i walk).  It has tall grass, wildflowers, trees, and is super duper duper big.

It is bordered by wheat on both sides.  And my dogs are always finding random bones.

WELL…how I have missed this fox hole over this last month is beyond me.  But, just a few nights ago, I saw it!

Mind you, it was about 8pm, so my hubby was at home with all of the kids.  I picked up my phone and called my daughter anyway and said, “QUICK!  Hop on your bike and come find me.  Momma found a FOX HOLE!”

Before I knew it, she was riding out to me.  We loved it.  And had lots of fun exploring around it.  Then we decided to call Daddy and Max.  Josephine was already sleeping, “Daddy!  Put Max’s hat on and come out (it was super cold).”

He wasn’t convinced to take a 3-year-old out exploring at 8pm, but he did anyway.

And that’s when it hit me!  Start the music and have my crazy daughter go wild!  I was just SURE she was going to dance like crazy while I literally had a fox hole filming right behind her.

To my great surprise, I turned on the music and started filming and there my daughter went—EVERYWHERE but in front of the camera.  But daddy stayed (even with Maxwell in his arms).  And, apparently, daddy had WAY more fun than I was about to realize.

He went all “Daddy in front of a fox hole” CRAZY on me 🙂 🙂 🙂

And now we have the best memory of the night!

A video of my hubby (Richard—the FAR better half of And 2 Makes Crazy) going actual crazy to that really fun (and addicting) song, “What does the fox say?”

Click on the link (I have yet to post it to YouTube) and enjoy!  Especially watch it if you are in need for a smile today!

And, because there are not restrictions, you can share this video with others.  Go ahead.  Make their day!

xo for now,

B (and now you can see why we are And 2 Makes Crazy)

Do You Have a Gifted Child?

Yesterday this article asking the question “Is your child Gifted?” crossed  my computer screen, intriguing me to read it.

But, of course, even before I read it—or you will read it—we all know that our children are Gifted.  Literally.  Gifted.

Our children, no matter the make up of their core being or not—our children AMAZE us.

When we have an infant and they literally do nothing but sleep—even their peaceful breathing is Gifted.

Literally.  Gifted.

I remember when my first niece was born.  We (being my mom, my sister-in-law, my sister, and I) would all sit and watch her sleep.

I think it is the only thing we did the entire afternoon once.

It was the best afternoon EVER!

Because there was a beautiful baby.   Alive.  Breathing.


As they grow or develop, they all develop differently and children begin to get measured by the outside world—outside of the sleeping comforts of safe walls inside.

And this is what the outside world has to say when measuring if your child is Gifted or not:

Signs of Giftedness

Characteristic Checklist for Gifted Children

I hope that you (after finishing my post, of course) enjoy the reads — I found them fascinating.  And my daughter fits the molds very much to the T of the articles you will read EXCEPT dominating her peers.  I am not sure where she would fall on that spectrum.  Does she dominate?  Does she participate?

We encourage her to be a team player, part of a whole, but, when something is being done that is wrong, to be a leader and not a follower.

As a typical kid, however, she tends to be both 😉

As I have two more kids following behind, it will be interesting to see which traits they do or don’t exhibit.

My second was without oxygen…Lots. But everything he does continues to amaze me.

My last was trying to tie shoes at 12 months.

Each kid is so unique and special and brings such different personality to the world, I look forward to the lives each of my 3 will lead—whether the world labels them Gifted or not.

After all, every night I still sneak into their rooms to cover them and simply watch them breathe.

Because that breath.  That breath is the true gift.

And it’s enough for me!

xo b

Face Forward

on the way

Yesterday we were in an accident. Literally. In a physical car accident. We were hit from behind. Rear-ended.

And there is nothing pleasant about something like that.

Where we should have been focusing on forward motion in a peaceful manner, what was behind us hit us hard and caused us a lot of pain.

And, of course, we had to turn around.  We had to see what happened.  We had to stop.  And we had to confront the issue.

Because it was needed.

But in life, what is it about looking back?

On the road, looking in your rearview mirror is helpful.  It can let you know what is behind you and tell you how to be safest.

Sometimes looking back in life is good, like the rearview mirror.

You see where you were or what you used to do.

You see how you hurt or choices that you made and the consequences of those actions.

And you see how far you have come from that point in your past.

But what about when you look in the rearview mirror not for road safety but to take a look at your past—finding yourself held in a prison from forward motion?

What then?

Right now I am leading a Bible study through the Old Testament.  We are currently just past the exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt.

But it doesn’t take any time at all before they begin to grumble about the past and how it was so much better than their present.

Does that sound familiar?

The thing is—they were enslaved in Egypt.  Freedom was not their own.  And then when they finally had their freedom, they were not content where they were.

They grumbled.  They moaned.  They wailed.  They recalled what they did have in Egypt—even though it was not great.

And they quickly forgot that God had a BIG plan for them.


A new land.

A brighter future.

But they had to first get there.

Along the way he acted as their guide, providing them with their daily needs.

How many times in our own lives do we look in the rearview mirror and WISH for that past===when, instead, we should face forward, march on, and let God guide us to the place where he REALLY wants us to be?

Today I encourage you—Face Forward.  Allow God to take you where He wants you to be.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength…”  

Including forward motion!

(Philippians 4:13)