Week 8: Education ahoy! Part 1: Adelyne’s Village Life

Hello my amazingly LOVELY Crazy followers! I know that I write on the less than seldom side anymore, but this year, I am trying to focus on a parental/wisdom thing. Yes, it’s mainly a great difficulty, knowing how crazy I am…but I am persevering, nonetheless! I hope, however, that you’ll enjoy the posts that I am writing at Missions 52 this year! They are meant to encourage you and your children/together in growth and faith and love of God! This particular post is about our daughter Adelyne and her education in Poland. It’s a fun read! Enjoy … please stop back by … and share with your friends! xoxo always, Brooke (the definite half of crazy)

Missions 52!

14379797_10154702193039050_5102717046323087319_oAt what lengths do your children travel for their education?

There are so many of us all over the world BEYOND blessed to receive an education that is convenient, public, and good.

My decade plus 1 daughter, Adelyne, absolutely loves her school. With all that she is, she loves it. She loves going. Daily she returns with smiles. And she can hardly wait for the next day. Sick days are only thrilling at first, and then torture as she misses her school and all of her friends.

The best part? It’s literally next door. About 300 meters away.

Adelyne’s school is a very small village school. From preschool through grade 8, there are approximately 150 students. There is so little space at her school that, at times, depending on your classroom, you have to travel through two other classes to make your way to the back of your classroom. It’s…

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