Week 6 &7: What is in a name?

Help your children discover the amazing names of God! Click here to read a weekly devotion for children and families at Missions 52. This week: What is in a Name? Exciting Valentine’s craft and science experiment to do, as well, while discovering the names of God. http://www.missions52.com

Missions 52!

This has been an exciting week for our family—our baby turned 11!  She is our firstborn…our biggest surprise.  AND SHE TURNED 11!


And, to be honest, one of my favorite parts about having children is getting to NAME them!

I think I would easily have 10 children—just so I could keep using some of my favorite names (sing to Favorite Things, Sound of Music)…

But, at the time of our announcement of her, we only had 1 to start.  And one BIG JOB ahead of us.  Not the nursery.  Not the birthing classes.  JUST THE NAME!

Of course, before we found out if she was a boy or girl, we had @16+ weeks to come up with boy and girl names.


My husband…completely sure he was going to have a boy…looked at me with WIDE eyes and said, “What am I going to…

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