The Rebels of Poland…But we have fun anyway.


Poland virtually does not do Halloween—except some schools.  There is pretty much no trick or treating.  No Halloween parties.  No Haunted Mansions.  No Spooky.

We are the rebels.  Adelyne hosted her 3rd annual Halloween Party.  She invites every kid in her class and parents (this year around 20 kids plus parents came).  We have so much fun.  Then, because it is already quite cold in Poland, we had it in the middle of the afternoon and hoped that the weather would stay sunny and we could host it outside.

Thankfully the weather was gorgeous.  Cold but gorgeous.  And the kids played outside all day—riding quads, jumping on the trampoline, playing in the fort and great outdoors.

All freezing but having fun!

The day ended with the kids carving a pumpkin with Rich and then coming to our door, knocking, and saying as best as they could in their English, “Trick or Treat!”

Oh—and it ended with a fish toss.  If they made their toss (coin toss) in a cup, they got to choose what fish they won to take home.  Live fish.

Not sure how the parents feel about that.  Not sure how long the fish will live.  But no matter—it was all in good fun!  At least for us.

No matter where you are in the world, we hope that you had a great day full of lots of laughter and fun.

We sure did.  Even in the cold.

xo for now!

Brooke (who was a cat), Rich (Batman), Adelyne (Dead cheerleader), Maxwell (Spiderman), and Josephine (ladybird, aka ladybug)

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